The Law Office of Candice L. Wagner works closely with its business clients to provide critical and timely tax advice on business transactions such as corporate restructurings, mergers, acquisitions, business sales, spin-offs, joint ventures, business buy-outs and exits, partnership terminations, and more routine business transactions with sales and use tax implications or employment tax implications. The firm often starts by preparing a multi-scenario tax memorandum for a client. The firm then works closely with the client to plan, structure and negotiate the terms of the business transaction to best achieve the client’s objectives while minimizing the client’s tax burden. The firm issues tax opinions and obtains advanced IRS rulings as needed.

The Law Office of Candice L. Wagner works with its individual clients to provide advice and representation for individual income tax matters.

Corporate Tax

The Law Office of Candice L. Wagner’s Corporate Tax practice focuses on structuring and negotiating business transactions such as debt and equity financings, mergers and acquisitions, spin-offs, and joint ventures.

The structure of a merger, acquisition or business sale is particularly influenced by tax considerations, and The Law Office of Candice L. Wagner advises clients on tax issues related to mergers, acquisitions, and business sales such as (1) whether or not the transaction can be or should be structured as a tax-free reorganization; (2) capital gains treatment to the sellers; (3) buyers utilizing net operating losses that the sellers have accrued; (4) computing buyers’ tax basis in acquired assets; (5) structuring the transaction as an installment sale with resulting tax deferral; (6) minimizing additional tax to the sellers resulting from “golden parachutes” and from the sellers being subjected to two levels of tax; and (7) analyzing the effect of leverage on a proposed transaction.

Partnership Tax

The Law Office of Candice L. Wagner’s Partnership Tax practice focuses on structuring partnership allocations, structuring and negotiating partner and member disassociations, and assisting clients with issues arising from partnership terminations, liquidating distributions and sales of partnership interests.

Tax Accounting

The Law Office of Candice L. Wagner provides Tax Accounting services to business clients where the firm advises on issues related to income and expense accruals and economic performance, accounting for long-term contracts, application of section 199 regarding the deduction of domestic production activities, accounting for R&D costs, capitalization issues, the treatment of inventories, book-tax differences, net operating losses, capital gains and losses, Section 1231 assets, dividends received deduction, the handling of accounting method changes and consolidated tax returns.

Individual Tax

The Law Office of Candice L. Wagner is experienced in assisting individuals and families with a variety of tax matters, including representing clients in court and negotiating offers in compromise and payment plans with the Internal Revenue Service and/or state taxing agencies.

Tax Planning

The Law Office of Candice L. Wagner provides customized, sophisticated tax planning for closely held corporations, limited liability companies, partnerships, and individuals. The firm provides tax planning services in the following areas:

  • Closely Held Business Tax Planning
  • Business Compensation Planning
  • Individual Tax Planning

The Law Office of Candice L. Wagner has considerable experience with the taxation of closely held businesses, and the firm makes tax planning an integral part of entity formation and multi-entity business structures, business investment and financing decisions, employee compensation plans, and business exits.

When it comes to employee compensation plans, the firm assists clients in determining a mix of salary, deferred compensation and fringe benefits for key employees. The firm advises on restricted stock, stock appreciation rights, stock options, and company stock plans with careful consideration of employer and employee tax burdens.

The firm helps individuals plan for federal, state, estate, gift, and generation-skipping transfer taxes.

The firm stays on top of constantly changing tax laws, including the recent tax law change, and the firm’s careful and timely tax planning can result in substantial tax savings for clients.

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